A multifaceted metaverse business with a focus on entertainment.

We will lead the metaverse generation
by delivering new virtual experiences to people worldwide.

Business Domain

While focusing on the overall production of virtual IPs, we will develop a variety of businesses, including esports, that aim to further develop the metaverse.

Virtual IP

While working toward creating industry-leading global IP
out of Japan, we are currently producing virtual IP.


Marketing support using the Brave Engine to support
the entry into the Metaverse.


We will expand our esports-related business, starting
with tournament and scrimmage management.

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Our Future

Be a mainstream entertainment company that can lead the metaverse economy.

The metaverse marks a major turning point in modern society.

By melding virtual and real worlds together, the metaverse will bring in unprecedented potential. Our goal is to produce next-generation IP to build on that potential in ways only an entertainment superpower like Japan can.

And we will expand past music content to include gaming and other mainstream entertainment. We will continue to evolve as a metaverse-era company while adding a wide variety of value to the metaverse through content planning, production, and management.

The virtual world allows us to overcome borders, generations, gender, and even barriers of our reality. New experiences and sensations await humanity, and we will continue to challenge ourselves to become leaders in the metaverse era.