CEO Message
"From Japan, a New Path for Humanity"

Our main focus at Brave group are VTubers, the proud virtual embodiment of Japanese culture fueled by all kinds of creators, talents and artists.
As it has been embraced with ardent enthusiasm by fans from all over the world, we are filled with a great sense of duty but also hopes towards this culture.
With "bringing joy and happiness into people's life" as my personal tenet, I have continuously explored the possibilities offered by the virtual realm and through successful business partnerships and mergers, I have gathered trusted partners and built my own track record along with a network of mutual trust, one step at a time.
Going beyond the intellectual property business, we are also pioneering in diverse domains, including the development of new platforms, esports, XR, digital technologies, and related activities. By integrating this multi-lateral incubation strategy, we aim to create relationships of synergy across our whole group.
We shall keep challenging ourselves by continuously birthing new business fields and their new key players so that Brave group can become synonymous with a "business ushering new opportunities for humanity originating from Japan".

A Symphony, Bringing Forth a New Era

We are extremely fortunate to have gathered people from diverse horizons and of various talents here, at Brave group.
In November 2023, in order to fulfill our mission to "Strike Wonder in 8 Billion Hearts", we have renewed our vision to "A Symphony of Innovations, Pioneering a Brighter Tomorrow".
Our hope is to form within Brave group a fellowship of entrepreneurs that can play on the world stage and create a virtuous cycle where brand new businesses will contribute towards a birthing new era and inspire the next generations.
To all of you who have supported us until now, I want to sincerely thank you.
We will keep devoting our time in order to create those moments of emotion and happiness.
Please look forward to the future of Brave group.

Brave group Inc.