Request to Minors

Thank you for your continuing support of our group’s content.

We hereby inform you of the following matters that minor fans need to be aware of in order to enjoy our group’s content safely and securely.

1. Paid Content

Our group’s content and content provided on each platform includes not only free content but also paid content. Paid content includes merchandise, digital goods, and other products sold by our group, and various content provided on each platform (“Super Chat” and “Membership” on YouTube, “Bits” and “Prime Gaming” on Twitch, and “BOOST↑” on BOOTH, etc.).

When purchasing paid content, please observe the following matters to make sure that minors and their parents or guardians can use such content safely and securely.

(1) Parental Consent

Please consult with your parent or guardian and obtain their consent before purchasing or using any paid content.

(2) Payment Methods

In order to purchase and use paid content, you must use the payment methods provided by our group and each platform.

We recommend that you consult with your parent or guardian before using any means of payment, even if you have the money at your disposal.

In particular, please do not use a parent’s or guardian’s credit card, etc. to purchase or use paid content without their permission.

2. Other Notices

When using our group’s content, please comply with the above-mentioned matters and use the content with moderation so as not to disrupt your daily life, by taking into consideration the hours of use, frequency of use, etc. Also, please enjoy the content while complying with the notices regarding the use of each content and taking sufficient care not to get into trouble.

We look forward to your continuing support of our group and its content.