Changing lives around the world
through creations of wonder.

Below, you can find our company’s mission, vision, values, management team, and corporate profile.

Strike wonder in
8 billion hearts.

Moments that pierce our core.
Passion that can change lives.
As creators, we will continue to pursue
the next generation of virtual expression
and experiences still unknown.
One by one,
we will work to change 8 billion lives.


Be a mainstream entertainment company that can lead the metaverse economy.


We will flexibly respond to societal change and help bring about the next big changes. We overcome boundaries like “I can’t do it” or “I’ve never tried before” to take on new challenges each day.

We take pride in our professionalism and ability to be consistently thorough. Our focus on the details of trivial tasks helps us fulfill our responsibilities and promises.

We aim to be a company that positively impacts society by delivering joy to the people. Our search for yet-to-be-found sensations and economic potential will forever continue.

Team unity and co-creation are the most important forces for driving accomplishments in new fields. With respect toward our coworkers in our hearts, we will praise each other as we take on challenges.

We should cherish our private moments just as much as work. From family to recreation and hobbies, let’s continue enjoying and enriching our daily lives.

Team Brave

Board Members


Keito Noguchi

Keito founded Vapes, Inc. in 2011 and, in 2016, executed an M&A of the company to Benesse Holdings, Inc. In 2020, after angel investing in and co-founding more than 50 startups, he was appointed president and representative director of Brave group Inc., continuing to this day. He also serves as president and representative director of MetaLab Inc., a Brave group subsidiary focused on developing the Metaverse marketing business.

Exective Officer

Jun Funabashi

In 2009, Jun passed the CPA exam at 20 and joined Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC. He focused on statutory audits of listed companies and provided IPO preparation advisory and financial due diligence services. Jun also advised the construction of an internal controls system. He registered as a certified public accountant in 2014. From 2019, he provided finance and back-office support to several companies as a freelancer. In 2020, he was appointed to his current position as executive officer and CFO.

Outside Director

Takehiro Yamaguchi

Takehiro is engaged in the venture capital business at Mirai Securities Co., Ltd. In 2007, he worked at CA MOBILE’s CVC business, participating in startup investment, alliance support, and M&A businesses. Takehiro began his own company in 2014, where he gained experience in startup management, VC, M&A, and more. In 2014, he returned to CA MOBILE as the head of the strategic investment office. And in 2017, Takehiro formed basepartners, becoming the representative officer of the company (his current position).


Here are some messages from our support members.


Chief Executive Officer REALITY, Inc.

Takahiro Ishihama

Chief Executive Officer nanameue, Inc.

Hironao Kunimitsu

Chief Executive Officer Thirdverse, Inc.

Kyosuke Kato

Chief Executive Officer 9st Inc.

Takaya Shinozuka

Chief Executive Officer Reiwa Travel Co., Ltd.

☆Taku Takahashi

DJ /

Koki Sato

Group President and Chief Executive Officer SEPTENI

Kazuhiro Ishikura

General Partner "Dawn Capital"
Akatsuki Ventures Inc.


Company Name
Brave group Inc.
October the 11th, 2017
2,355,513,250 yen (Including capital reserve)
Keito Noguchi
62 (Including outsourcing, as of May 2022)
2F-C, 2-17-9 Otomo Building, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023, Japan
Our Businesses
Virtural IP
Metaverse Marketing
Group Companies
Virtual Entertainment Inc. / MateReal Inc. / MetaLab Inc. / CreateRing Inc. / SuperYellow Inc. / And Epoch Inc.