Brave group partners with Bahtera Musik Indonesia, operator of Billboard Indonesia

Accelerate global development of music IP from Japan in Indonesia

Tokyo, May. 30, 2022 —  Brave group, a virtual IP business based in Japan, is announcing partnership with Bahtera Musik Indonesia Inc., a company which operates Billboard Indonesia, with the aim of expanding our virtual artists’ business globally.


To drive the growth further, the two parties have formed a powerful combination to expand Brave group’s virtual artists’ business and IP in the Republic of Indonesia, increasing their name recognition and exploring the possibility of profitable business together.

Billboard Indonesia is the Indonesian version of Billboard, that U.S. media brand that publishes the music industry magazine “Billboard” and operates the “Billboard Hot 100”, a globally recognized U.S. music chart. The company is a leading source of charts, news, and original videos for local music fans and the industry, as well as a favored source of inspiration for all those involved with music.

Nowadays Economic growth and GDP of Indonesia have grown rapidly. Indonesia is also known as the fourth most populous country in the world with 270 million people.Also the average age of the population is 28, which is higher than in other countries for the social networking generation, and awareness of virtual artists, a culture that originated in Japan, is expanding.

For this partnership, Keito Noguchi, CEO of Brave group said:  I was looking for an opportunity to reach more and more music fans living overseas and Otaku culture to be a top virtual music production in the world. In such a situation, I’m very honored to be able to develop our business with Billboard Indonesia in Indonesia, a country with many young people and a high level of understanding of Japanese culture. We have built our track record by creating virtual artists and other IP from scratch. First of all, we hope to utilize those IPs and promote the appeal of RIOT MUSIC while promoting monetization.

Wilson Chang, CEO of Bahtera Musik Indonesia Inc. said:  While discussions with Brave group, we were greatly attracted by their enthusiasm for contents, their track record, and their personalities, and decided to collaborate with them. We will leverage Brave group’s strength in virtual character development and our strength as an infrastructure to disseminate information to the Indonesian market. We hope to spread how to enjoy virtual entertainment both to those who already know about it and to users who are new to it.



“RIOT OF EMOTIONS – Creating Emotions that Change Lives

RIOT MUSIC is a music agency that produces “songs that move your emotions.”
We want to shake your soul and evoke unknown emotions with our artists’ emotional songs.
When your emotions change, your actions will change, and when our actions change, our lives change.

Our philosophy is “to create life-changing emotions.”

We want to deliver songs that transcend generations and borders, that can be an ally to all people, and to make the world a better place with the emotions that arise. The name “RIOT OF EMOTIONS” expresses this desire.The word “RIOT” also means unrestrained, diverse, and exciting. We are going to create innovative “RIOT” songs that break down the barriers of your mind, unleashing a wide variety of exciting emotions.



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About Bahtera Musik Indonesia

Founded in October 2018,  Bahtera Musik Indonesia operates entertainment businesses throughout Southeast Asia. Bahtera Musik Indonesia has offices in Indonesia (Jakarta), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Thailand (Bangkok), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) and the Philippines (Manila). It currently has two main business units, Media and Audio Platform.


About Brave group

Founded in October 2017, Brave group develops and operates virtual IP such as RIOT MUSIC and other virtual artists, and also provides solutions about Virtual Transformation(VX). Brave group’s contents have been viewed by users in more than 150 countries, with a total of more than 1 million followers on social networking sites, and a total of more than 100 million views on YouTube. To date, Brave group has raised more than US$13 million (JPY 1.5 billion) in funding from investors including (but not limited to) REALITY Co. engaged in metaverse development and other companies. (All figures are as of the end of January 2022.) 


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Koki, Kusano
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