Brave group announces token graph marketing partnership with SUSHI TOP MARKETING


-Anime music video fans to receive ground-breaking NFT distribution using audio-

Tokyo, 22nd March 2022, Japanese production company, Brave group, which develops music videos performed by virtual YouTubers under its RIOT MUSIC brand, has announced a partnership with SUSHI TOP MARKETING, a token graph marketing company which specialises in distributing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

On Friday 25th March, at 9am GMT/ 6pm Japan Standard Time, RIOT MUSIC will stage the Re:Volt 2022 pop concert at Tokyo’s LINE CUBE SHIBUYA venue, where six virtual manga-style characters will perform together for the first time. The show will also be broadcast live to international fans on YouTube:

Fans attending the live performance at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA will receive NFTs, free of charge, via AirDrop, which will provide them with access to exclusive content and engagement with their favourite RIOT MUSIC characters.

In a ground-breaking move, international fans who watch the live concert on YouTube will also be given free NFTs which will be distributed over audio. Background music containing inaudible sound will be used to distribute NFTs to fans who log in to the Re:Volt 2022 YouTube channel at 8am GMT/5pm JT. This NFT distribution over audio has been made possible through the partnership with SUSHI TOP MARKETING using technology from sound signal processing, audio watermarking and acoustic communication company, Evixar.

The Re:Volt 2022 NFT distribution uses the Shiden Network, developed by Astar Network. Shiden Network blockchain consumes less energy than Ethereum and Polygon, making it suitable for large scale NFT distributions.


・NFT for on-site visitors



・NFT for online viewrs


CEO of Brave group, Keito Noguchi, commented, “Not only is Re:Volt 2022 the first opportunity for fans to share the energy of RIOT MUSIC’s artists at a live venue, this is the first time in the music industry that sound has been used as the medium for distributing NFTs to a live and online audience. Our collaboration with SUSHI TOP MARKETING, using Evixar’s Audio Token Distributor and the Shiden Network also lays the ground for deeper audience engagement in preparation for Web 3.

By applying audio watermarking to YouTube broadcasts and live streaming, we can provide ‘proof of experience’ and reward the fans who attend Re:Volt 2022 in person and online. We are extremely excited about the potential of this music and technology collaboration. This really is an historic moment in the music industry.”

Re:Volt 2022 will also be the first opportunity for fans to watch popular VTuber, Cocoa Domyoji, a voice actor working for RIOT MUSIC, performing with 5 other voice actors who will bring the characters of Saki Ashizawa, Iori Matsunaga, Yuka Nagase, Suzuna Nagihara and Miona Sumeragi, to life.

The stage production will be delivered in partnership with huez, which has presented some of the biggest virtual artists.

CEO of SUSHI TOP MARKETING, Daisuke Tokunaga, commented, “We are delighted to collaborate with Brave group on the distribution of NFTs to fans attending RIOT MUSIC’s “Re:Volt 2022”. We are also extremely proud to be part of this historic distribution of NFTs over audio, using Evixar’s deeptech skills and Astar/Shiden’s blockchain, which is opening up Japanese anime music to an international audience. This is the first time that four young Japanese companies have come together to enable token graph marketing to be used to simultaneously engage with live and online audiences at a music concert. This is throwing down the gauntlet to the rest of the industry as we prepare for Web 3. We hope that everyone watching on Friday will appreciate the historic significance of this Japanese technology collaboration.”

Sota Watanabe, founder of the Astar Network and Shiden Network, added, “We are delighted that the Shiden Network has been adopted to engage with the fans at such a big event as Re:Volt 2022. This is our first opportunity to add such high quality creative content to a Japanese blockchain, which can be enjoyed by fans from around the world, while also being kinder to the environment.”

Atsushi Takigawa, President, CEO of Evixar, said, “We congratulate Brave group for staging this event and we are so proud that our Audio Token Distributor is being used to provide NFTs to the Re:Volt 2022 fans to enhance the live experience that they will share with the artists at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA and online.

Online fans wishing to watch the live performance can gain access to the NFTs, distributed over audio, by logging in to RIOT MUSIC on Friday 25th March 2022 at 8am GMT/ 5pm JST using the following link:

This link will also enable them to watch the concert at 9am GMT/ 6pm JST on Friday 25th March. 


About Brave group:

Founded in 2017,  Brave group, the parent company of RIOT MUSIC, has a vision to build a new future for the entertainment industry by creating Japanese IP, performed by VTubers, that can be enjoyed by a global audience on YouTube. In preparation for Web 3, Brave group will distribute videos on YouTube and sell digital content and branded goods, as well as hosting live and online events, employing the latest technologies to engage and enhance the experience of fans in Japan and around the world.  

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