Suzuna Nagihara, A Member of RIOT MUSIC’s Virtual Music Label “Meteopolis”, Celebrates 3rd Anniversary Since Her Debut. Original Goods Sold & Birthday Live Performance in December! ~A merchandise set with the label’s first apparel item and a B2 tapestry with a 3rd anniversary illustration inspired by an original new song was sold!~

RIOT MUSIC  held a free online live performance <Onebrella> on Saturday, September 9 to celebrate the third anniversary since the debut of Suzuna Nagihara, an artist belonging to its virtual music label, Meteopolis.
To commemorate her third anniversary, we have released a merchandise set that includes two items; a “full graphic hoodie” and a “B2 tapestry”.
We also announced that a one-man birthday live concert will be held in Tokyo on Saturday, December 16.
Streaming held here:YouTube channel凪原涼菜 / SUZUNA NAGIHARA

In Suzuna Nagihara 3rd Anniversary Live <Onebrella>, her sixth original song ”Nijiiro no Mahou (Rainbow Colored Magic)” was performed for the first time. This song was provided by RamSeeni, who is also the composer and arranger of “Kansaete Kurushiiwa” for the renowned “Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni” (a.k.a. Zutomayo).
Other details about Suzuna Nagihara’s Birthday Live 2023, including further information and merchandise, will be posted on the official Meteopolis X account, so please follow us and wait for more information.

Meteopolis Official X(Twitter):

■About the 3rd Anniversary Live Performance
【Official Title】SUZUNA NAGIHARA 3rd ANNIVERSARY LIVE <Onebrella>
【Date】Saturday, September 9, 2023. 20:00 Start.
【Streaming Channel】凪原涼菜/SUZUNA NAGIHARA:
【Performing Artist】Suzuna Nagihara

▼About 3rd Anniversary Merchandise Set
<Date of Release> Saturday, September 9, 2023. 21:00 Start.
<Merchandise Information>
・Nagihara Suzuna Onebrella Oversize Zip Hoodie
High-quality oversized zip hoodie, fully printed on high-quality material.

・B2 size tapestry with new illustrations by illustrator Laru.

・Meteopolis certificate No.14 「Suzuna Nagihara」

■About Suzuna Nagihara Birthday Live 2023
【Official Title】SUZUNA NAGIHARA BIRTHDAY LIVE 2023<Hiderain>
【Date】Saturday, December 16, 2023
【Performing Artist】Suzuna Nagihara

■Suzuna Nagihara Profile

Artist belonging to “Meteopolis”.
Suzuna is a possessive singer with a sharp sensitivity, characterized by her well-developed high sound area. She has both power and delicacy in her voice, and her emotionally charged vocal moves the heart. Her desire to inspire and help people through singing led her to become a singer.
・Official X (Twitter)



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