“Bakedol” debuts from RIOT MUSIC! Making an appearance at the Comic Market 102! ~”Entertainment×Occult×Idol” A first for RIOT MUSIC, a brand new idol project awakens! ~

RIOT MUSIC is proud to announce the debut of a new virtual idol project, “bakedol”.

■About “Bakedol”
Started as a brand new project from RIOT MUSIC, a company that runs multiple music labels.
“Sadaki-sou”, an old fashioned house that exists somewhere in Japan.
Yokai (Japanese term for supernatural creatures) are said to live there.
They originally lived in the human world, but things didn’t go the way they wanted.
“If we can’t do well in the human world, we will flourish as yokai.”
They aim for a stage where they can show their full potential from a point of view normal people would never take, as yokai idols.
Unique in every way from other artists affiliated in RIOT MUSIC, a brand new entertainment idol group, “Bakedol” awakens!

・Making a debut and uploaded their first video on YouTube on August 4, 2023.
・Attended “Comic Market 102” on August 12-13, 2023. First series of merchandise were sold.
・The character design and key visuals of “Bakedol” are drawn by the famous illustrator with 770k followers on X, “Chigusa Minori”
・The group logo has been designed by designer, “Kaneko Ami”. She has worked on mobile goods designs for “Denpa-gumi inc.” and for RIOT MUSIC, the logo design for Nagase Yuka’s live “Alook”.

In Comic Market 102, we sold a variety of merchandise to celebrate the debut of “Bakedol”.
The merchandise included order made gravestones, which is a mobile gravestone that you can have your own name engraved on, and good luck charm bags with prayers for success by the members. All of these merchandise were sold at a “Bakedol” world style booth at their first Comic Market attendance.

▼Tenisu Dokuro

A yokai who was originally a human woman dreaming to become an idol while working in human resources at a certain company.
Her spirit collapsed due to her hard work, and came to an idea that “everything would be solved if I became a yokai!”, and signed a contract with Gashadokuro.
She has a strong desire to make similar working otaku happy through her activities.
Tenisu makes various efforts towards a brilliant stage as an idol, but she is somewhat misaligned.

▼Noburi Sanmoto

A female yokai who originally lived in the human society.
She decided to become an idol, since she felt at her limits trying to live as a human.
She has skills in dancing, drumming, programming and writing novels.
As her skills show, she is literal and martial arts-minded, but she has a complex about not being able to sing well, and she is working hard to overcome this through her idol activities.
Although she has a downer look and personality, she loves to make people laugh. She is not fond of ghosts.

Expect a new kind of entertainment content, filled with fun and craziness that you can’t imagine from the previous “RIOT MUSIC”!

■Key Visual

■Comic Market 102 Info
Date: 12-13 August, 2023
Time: 10:00~16:00
Place: Tokyo Big Site
Booth info: Enterprise booth South 4 No.2522

<Merchandise info>
・Bakedol debut key visual acrylic key stand (total 2 types), Venue price: JPY2,500
・Bakedol defaulted design acrylic charm (total 2 types), Venue price: JPY1,000
・”Awesome” good luck charm bags (total 1 type), Venue price: JPY1,000
・Original design desktop gravestone*, Venue price: JPY150,000
*Build-to-order sale, will be sent directly from the factory later.

Consignment sales for merchandises from “Meteopolis”, another label from RIOT MUSIC was also available. Please check the official X account of Meteopolis for more information.


RIOT OF EMOTIONS – Evoking Life-Changing Emotions –

RIOT MUSIC dedicates itself to manifesting “songs that move you!”
Using the raw emotion our artists labor into their music to shake the soul, we strive to evoke unknown feelings.
If we change our emotions, we can change our actions, and if we change our actions, we can change our lives.
Our philosophy is to “evoke life-changing emotions!”
By transcending countries and generations, we desperately want to make the world a little bit of a better place by sculpting songs that anyone can find strength in. “RIOT OF EMOTIONS” carries that weight.
While the word “RIOT” may at times be used negatively, it carries sentiments of being “uninhibited”, “multi-colored,” and “captivating.” We’ll make songs with “multi-colored” “captivating” emotions that will “uninhibit” the walls in our hearts and start a more thoughtful “RIOT!”

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