Brave group Inc. formalizes a Business Partnership Agreement with IDOL VIRTUAL TALENTS LTD, a VTuber startup rapidly growing in the United States. – Both companies will launch global expansion projects as well as joint businesses including E-commerce –

Brave group Inc.(HQ: Minato, Tokyo; CEO: Keito Noguchi) announces a Business Partnership Agreement with VTuber group “idol”, who manages rapid growth IDOL VIRTUAL TALENTS in LTD in the US (HQ: Israel; CEO: Aviel Basin; henceforth idol).

Purpose of the Business Partnership and its background

Wielding its purpose to “share Japan’s adventurous spirit with the world” and its mission to “strike wonder in 8 billion hearts”, Brave group comprehensively produces IP business initiatives such as Next-Generation Virtual Esports Project “VSPO!”(*1) and virtual music label “RIOT MUSIC”(*2), operates the Platform business that operates virtual academy city “ME Campus”(*3), where one can specialize in gaming improvement at the “CR Gaming School”(*4), runs Extreme Reality (XR), Digital Transformation (DX) business and as well as the Incubation business and a wide range of related activities.
In order to expedite the global roll-out this year, five overseas expansions in four countries have been established and carrying out global auditions in order to enter the North American, Chinese and European markets, multiple projects have started running overseas with a total of 20 international VTubers making their debut.

IDOL Company(*5) is a rapid growth VTuber startup in the US that launched their first generation in March 2022. Soon after, in November 2022, their English-speaking group “idolEN” debuted and became hugely popular so that in May 2023, a subsidiary was established in Delaware. The company’s channels currently have 1.3 million subscribers including 12 rapidly growing international talents, while auditions in Spanish for “idolES” were started in August 2023.

Based on this Business Partnership, both companies will continue their efforts in English-speaking territories, as well as their consolidated e-commerce operations will be cooperatively run from the United States to the rest of the world.

(*1) VSPO!  :
(*3) ME CAMPUS :
(*4) CR Gaming School :
(*5) IDOL Company :

Comments from the Representative of idol


We are excited to find real partners in Brave group, who share our passion and values. Together, we believe that we can make a significant, positive impact on the VTuber industry and achieve remarkable things. Our focus is firmly on putting talents first and nurturing an environment that fosters top-notch content. We believe this partnership will open doors to innovative opportunities, and we are deeply thankful to Brave group for joining forces with idol.

Brave group US CEO Norikazu Hayashi

IDOL Company CEO is the former No. 1 YouTuber in Israel, hence his vast amount of knowledge about streaming and YouTube marketing. His management style always puts streamers first, based on his own experience, and his bold marketing measures as well as his unprecedented methods are very likely to greatly change the way the industry keeps moving forward. We believe that through collaboration, we can contribute to the revitalization of the US and global markets.

Brave group CEO, Keito Noguchi

I am very excited to be able to form this Business Partnership with Aviel and Joshua.
This year, we established local subsidiaries not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom, Thailand, and China, along with other projects. As we hold global auditions, multiple VTubers are scheduled to debut next year as well.
Through our partnership with idol, we hope to spread the Japanese-born IP culture of “VTubers” around the world, and that the amount of talents who shine bright and the people who enjoy their content will further increase.

Recruitment information

As of December 1st, 2023, Brave group had 253 employees, (322.4% more than last year), while the number of group companies has reached 15. The organization keeps expanding as we diversify our business and services, which leads us to continue to actively recruit due to the constant expansion.
Please have a look at our job listing page below to see which job opportunities you might find appealing to apply to.

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