International VTuber Project “V4Mirai” welcomes 4 new talents into their fold on April 6th, 2024

Get to know V4Mirai’s 3rd Generation “Lunalia”

TOKYO, Japan. March 17th, 2024: Brave group US Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Brave group Inc., is excited to announce the debut of four new VTubers joining the English based VTuber Project “V4Mirai” on April 6th, 2024. This third generation of talents, dubbed Lunalia, features Alias Anono, Dr.Nova(e), REM Kanashibari, and Yumi the Witch. Each member is both set to debut and release their first song come early April.

What is V4Mirai?

The inaugural effort of Brave group US, and Brave group Japan’s first ever English-based VTuber group set on the mission of “Creating Our Mirai, Creating Our World.” With Mirai meaning ‘future’ in Japanese, the slogan signifies the group’s commitment to usher in a brighter world through innovative content and technology-driven streaming. This aligns with Brave group’s overall mission to ‘Strike wonder in 8 billion hearts’, thus V4Mirai bridges cultural gaps to deliver joy all around the world.

An international production effort between Japan & US based, the 1st and 2nd generations of V4Mirai VTubers carved a unique niche in the VTubing space, finding themselves attracting new fans every day. Abï Kadabura, Serina Maiko, Kou Mariya, Mono Monet, and Yae Yugiri each quickly surpassed thousands of subscribers on YouTube and have commanded real-life crowds at their Anime Expo 2023 panel as well as in their Animé Los Angeles 2024 concert. The group reaches even further with the debut of its third generation “Lunalia”.

V4Mirai 3rd Generation “Lunalia” talents

Alias Anono

・YouTube Channel:
・Character Design: Zutsuuyaku (
・Debut Stream: April 6th, 17:00 (PDT) (

Dr. NOVA(e)

・YouTube Channel:
・Character Design: Kamameshi Gogomaru (
・Debut Stream: April 6th, 17:45 (PDT) (

REM Kanashibari

・YouTube Channel:
・Character Design: Muryo (
・Debut stream: April 6th, 18:30 (PDT) (

Yumi the Witch

・YouTube Channel:
・Character Design: Niyori ( )
・Debut stream: April 6th, 19:15 (PDT) (

As is tradition, the new generation will have a Theme Song, this time entitled “Neon City 143” and produced by renowned DJ ☆Taku Takahashi.
The Theme Song will be released on V4Mirai Official YouTube channel.

VOCALS : Alias Anono, Dr.NOVA(e), REM Kanashibari, Yumi the Witch
LYRICS : her0ism, Ruri Matsumura
PRODUCER : ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo)
TRACK : her0ism, Mitsunori Ikeda (Tachytelic Inc.), ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo)
ARRANGEMENT : Mitsunori Ikeda (Tachytelic Inc.), ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo)
MIXING ENGINEER : Mitsunori Ikeda (Tachytelic Inc.)


About ☆Taku Takahashi (DJ / Producer)
☆Taku launched OTAQUEST, an overseas media company that introduces Japanese pop culture and subculture in English, in 2017, and successfully held OTAQUEST LIVE in Los Angeles in July 2018 and July 2019.
OTAQUEST has a proven track record of alliances and business production in the music and entertainment fields both in Japan and abroad.
This is the second time ☆Taku Takahashi, writes the lyrics, composes, and produces a V4Mirai Official Music Video.


YouTube Channel:
Official site:
1st generation Official Music Video “MIRAI”:
2nd generation Official Music Video “PLAY▷BACK”
Produced by☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo):

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