RIOT MUSIC Welcomes Two New Artists To Their Virtual Music Label Blitz Wing ~Follow Their Twitters Now & Catch Their Debut Stream On June 24~

TOKYO, Japan June 20, 2023- RIOT MUSIC is pleased to announce the addition of two new singers to their Virtual Music Label Blitz Wing, Chise Itsuki and Shirakawa, set to debut on June 24, 2023.

Each artist under the RIOT MUSIC umbrella sings for a different reason, Chise Itsuki and Shirase Shirakawa too bringing their own unique motives to the table.

Carrying compassion in her heart, Chise Itsuki sings to “save everyone who hears her songs from the cruelties in their lives.”

WIth empathy close to her chest, Shirase Shirakawa hopes “her music soften the harsh memories of her listeners, healing their hearts along the way.”

Chise and Shirase’s Twitters are live now, and they’ll debut on their YouTube channels Saturday June 24, 2023 at 7:00 PM & 7:30 PM JST respectively. Please consider giving their channels an early follow to get in on the ground floor!

Symbol Art & Logo Design
Yukinobu Itou: (RICOL)
Mika Hoshino: (RICOL)

Meet Chise Itsuki

One talented singer and video creator!

Often told she was tone deaf as a child, Chise Itsuki’s competitive streak kicked in, making her start taking her singing very seriously.

More and more, music transformed into the driving force of her life, something she needed to live by.

RIOT MUSIC became the opportunity for her to leave her footprint on the musical landscape.

Chise finds herself influenced by the cutting edge, always trying new styles and activities. She often neglects eating when she’s too absorbed in her creative processes.



Illustrator: Noka –
Modeling: Naname –



Meet Shirase Shirakawa

A self-made writer and artist.

Earning adoration for her singing talents from a young age, Shirase Shirakawa knew early on that being a singer was the only way for her.

During her student days, she spent all her time working or her voice, and after graduation she joined RIOT MUSIC to broadcast said voice to the world at large!

Nervous, a bit frenetic, and a recluse, she considers her room paradise. A lover of animals and all things cute.



Illustrator: Momoshiki –
Modeling: Kanata Shibau –






RIOT OF EMOTIONS – Evoking Life-Changing Emotions – 

RIOT MUSIC dedicates itself to manifesting “songs that move you!”

Using the raw emotion our artists labor into their music to shake the soul, we strive to evoke unknown feelings.

If we change our emotions, we can change our actions, and if we change our actions, we can change our lives.

Our philosophy is to “evoke life-changing emotions!”

By transcending countries and generations, we desperately want to make the world a little bit of a better place by sculpting songs that anyone can find strength in. “RIOT OF EMOTIONS” carries that weight.

While the word “RIOT” may at times be used negatively, it carries sentiments of being “uninhibited”, “multi-colored,” and “captivating.” We’ll make songs with “multi-colored” “captivating” emotions that will “uninhibit” the walls in our hearts and start a more thoughtful “RIOT!”

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