Vspo! Will Hold Their First One-man Offline Event For 6 Days From 31 October, 2023! They Will Rent an Elementary School and Hold a Cultural Festival and Sports Day Simultaneously. ~Sponsorship From viviON, a Company Known For the Comic App “Comipo” Has Been Decided Along With the Distribution of Free Flyers.~

Virtual Entertainment has announced that they will be holding the event “Vspo! Culture and Sports Festival (Bunka Taiikusai)” for 6 days in a row starting 31 October 2023 at Kawachicho of Ibaraki prefecture in a rented elementary school.

Event official website:

“Vspo! Culture and Sports Festival” is the first one-man event held by the next generation virtual esports project Vspo! from 31 October to 5 November 2023.

The cultural festival and sports day will feature many fun projects by the Executive Committee.
There will be a variety of food and beverage stalls, games where you can win special prizes, a photo spot, and special events in the schoolyard.
As teammates of the cheering members of the sports day, we ask everyone to unite together to win the championship.

There will also be “After School Talk,” a one-on-one talk event with the members in the school building!
Please enjoy the memories of school days imagining spending it with your favorite Vspo! members.

This event will be sponsored by “viviON”.
To commemorate the event, we will distribute limited design flyers with “viviON”.

– Event Information 
Venue: Kawachicho, Ibaraki Prefecture Kanaetsu School Studio
Date: Tuesday, 31 October, 2023 – Sunday, 5 November, 2023
Time: Open 9:00, Merchandise sale 9:00, Start 11:00, End 19:00
Access: Please use the private shuttle bus departing from Narita Airport Terminal 2

– Comment From the Principal of Vspo! Academy
Hello, everyone! I am the principal of Vspo! academy.
The members of the organizing committee (Vspo! members) have put a lot of thought into preparing for the event so that all the students can enjoy it!
I hope that all the students (participants) will enjoy the nostalgic feeling with the committee members, which is a feeling that is usually hard to feel.
Please have fun at the Vspo! Culture and Sports Festival!

– About “Vspo!”
Vspo! is a next generation virtual esports project where members who are serious about gaming work together to spread the benefits of esports. The members are active in streaming as VTubers, participating in esports tournaments, and developing a variety of media mixes.

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– About Brave Group
Brave group’s mission is to “strike wonder in 8 billion hearts. With this mission in mind, Brave group has been working on mainly 3 business fields. IP businesses such as the next generation Virtual esports project “Vspo!” (*1) and the virtual music label “RIOT MUSIC” (*2). The second is platform businesses which operates “ME Campus (*3)” , a virtual school city using our original metaverse engine Brave Engine (*4). Lastly the incubation business, which  produces the esports school “CR Gaming School(*5)” and develops new business fields utilizing AI, Web3, etc., for worldwide markets.
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