Brave group has announced the business and capital alliance with THIRD WAVE CORPORATION ~The two companies will join forces to further promote esports to the society~

Brave group is proud to announce that we have received a 300 million yen funding from THIRD WAVE CORPORATION well known by the gaming PC brand “GALLERIA” and has started a capital and business alliance with the aim of further promoting esports.


Background of our business and capital alliance

Brave group’s purpose is “Japanese Adventure. World Wide Romance”, with the mission to “Strike Wonder in 8 Billion Hearts”. With this purpose and mission in mind, Brave group has been working on IP businesses such as the next generation Virtual esports project “VSPO!” (*1) and the virtual music label “RIOT MUSIC” (*2), the platform business which operates “ME Campus (*3)” , a virtual school city, and the esports business, which produces the esports school “CR Gaming School(*4)”. We intend to work on further business fields such as XR business, DX business and incubation businesses.

With the mission of “maximizing the potential of people’s creative activities,” THIRD WAVE CORPORATION is engaged in the solution business to solve the problems of all individual customers, professional users, and corporate customers. They plan and sell BTO PCs,
operate the PC shop “Dospara”, and conduct esports businesses. One of the company’s strategies for the current fiscal year is to “expand the user base of gaming PCs”.

“GALLERIA(*5)” provided by Third Wave and “VSPO!” have been collaborating for some time on gaming PCs, such as the “VSPO! collaboration model” gaming PCs. Through this capital and business alliance, both companies aim for further business growth and the spread of the esports market.

*1) VSPO!:
*4) CR Gaming School:


The goal of our business and capital alliance

– Business development that leverages the strengths of both companies in a wide range of fields from entertainment to education
– Initiatives to revitalize local communities by leveraging the strengths of both companies
– Collaboration between the two companies with a view to expanding not only in the Japanese market but in the Asian market.


Comments from representatives

Kensuke Ozaki, President and CEO, THIRD WAVE CORPORATION

With Brave group’s funding, THIRD WAVE CORPORATION is very pleased to further expand the business areas of both companies. Our two companies have collaborated in the past on projects such as the next-generation virtual esports project “VSPO!” and other projects. We are confident that we will be able to provide new value to an even greater number of customers in all the businesses and services that both companies will be involved in in the future. We look forward to continuing to develop our business together with Brave group under the mission of “maximizing the potential of people’s creative activities”.


Keito Noguchi, CEO, Brave group

We are very pleased to announce receiving a 300 million yen investment from THIRD WAVE CORPORATION as well as the capital and business alliance, with whom we have had a long-standing relationship.
We are confident that the alliance between the two companies will have a considerable impact on the esports market in a wide range of fields from entertainment to education, as well as in efforts to revitalize local regions and collaboration with a view to expanding not only in Japan but also in Asia as a whole.
We look forward to a wonderful chemical reaction between THIRD WAVE CORPORATION’s mission of “maximizing the potential of people’s creative activities” and our mission of “strike wonder in 8 billion hearts”

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