Brave group merges with Smarprise as they keep creating bridges within the content industry.

Leveraging the strengths of both companies to expand and diversify development in Intellectual Property-related businesses.

Brave group Inc. (HQ: Minato City, Tokyo; CEO Keito Noguchi) announced a merger between Brave group and media/entertainment company Smarprise Inc. (HQ: Shibuya City, Tokyo; CEO Ken Igarashi) effective as of February 1st, 2024, making both companies mutual subsidiaries.


Along with Brave group’s purpose to bring Japan’s adventurous spirit to the world and its mission to strike wonder in 8 billion hearts, the company runs the Next Generation Virtual Esports Project “VSPO!”(※1) and hold the Virtual Music Label “RIOT MUSIC”(※2) , while carrying out general intellectual property business by producing VTubers, managing the Platform Business on which Virtual Academy “ME CAMPUS”(※3) exists, which also includes the “CR Gaming School”(※4) that specializes in improving gaming skills, as well as Extended Reality Business (XR), Digital Transformation Business (DX), Incubation Business and a wide range of multiple commercial enterprises.

With this management merger, Brave group intends to further expand by including the services that Smarprise provides becoming mutual subsidiaries.

Smarprise’s purpose is to become a bridge among Japanese leading content industries is being achieved with its anime and manga official licensed goods e-commerce site “colleize”(※5), its subscription-based product service “SURPRISE BOX”(※6) along other business enterprises ran by the company, as well as total planning of intellectual property collaborations procured by their advertising agency “Rights Organize”(※7).

In June, 2021, “colleize” started operations as the only place to get limited edition products from big hit titles, special edition goods, always available editions and licensed products, the line-up reached more than 138,841 different items for its more than 164,034 users as both quantities keeps growing on a daily basis (current amounts as of January 18th, 2024).

According to the “Anime Industry Report 2023” released by the Association of Japanese Animations, the anime production market grew 6.8% in 2022 surpassing all recorded data and reaching 2,927.7 billion Japanese yen (approximately 20 billion USD), which meant it grew 267% compared to its size in 2002 (※8). The opportunity of business integration with a market of such level of growth along with Smarprise, a company with great strengths in business areas related to the content industry, side by side with Brave group’s IP capabilities to develop and expand global businesses as joint projects will leverage the strengths of both companies aim to further diversify business development of IP-related industries.

(※1) VSPO!:
(※4) CR Gaming School:
(※5) colleize:
(※7) Rights Organize:
(※8) Anime Industry Report:

Comments from Representatives

Smarprise CEO, Ken Igarashi

We are honored to enter this valuable partnership as we enter our 10th term in April 2024.
I’m naturally hoping for Smarprise’s growth but I have great expectations for the synergies with Brave group with the creation of new business opportunities in new areas.

I do believe Japan’s content industry is one to be proud of around the world.
Please look forward to the fusion of Brave group’s content and Smarprise’s ability to create business based on content!

Brave group CEO, Keito Noguchi

We have a strong connection and we’re very happy that Smarprise will be joining Brave group.
We’ve both grown thanks to our strong belief in the potential of Japanese content, but I’m certain that working together will dramatically grow our businesses, allowing us to create new businesses through the multiplying factors between our companies.
In order to strike wonder in 8 billion hearts, the Brave group adventure continues.

Services provided by Smarprise


Ranging from limited edition products, “colleize” also offers goods from popular works, always available products along with licensed goods dealing more than 138,841 different items for over 164,034 users and still growing.
Official Site:
Official X(Twitter):


SURPRISE BOX is a subscription-type service that regularly delivers heart-felt products to fans. form. The service focuses heavily on limited edition items that are exclusive to the service.
Official Site:
Official X(Twitter):

Regarding management integration to Brave group

Brave group has so far merged with Virtual Entertainment Inc., MateReal Inc., Ltd., Geek Hive Inc., LaRa Inc., and D-One Co., Ltd.
The management integration with Smarprise will be its 6th merger, bringing the number of group companies to 16.
The company will keep actively pursuing management integrations and business alliances both domestically and internationally in order to become a unique Japanese conglomerate.

▼Reference Press Releases (Japanese versions only)

・With operations related to the Metaverse, Brave group raises 1.37 billion yen in funding while aiming for global expansion, making the total amount raised 2.3 billion yen (June 7th, 2022).
・Brave group merges with Geek Hive, an IT partner that supports DX – Digital Transformation (July 7th, 2023).
・Brave group merges with LaRa Inc., the company that manages virtual artists “HIMEHINA” (October 31st, 2023).
Brave group has integrated its business with D-One Co., Ltd., which boasts a history and track record of over 20 years in the XR (Extended Reality) and the 3D CG animation field. Also, a new management structure for subsidiary MetaLab was announced (November 1st, 2023).

Recruitment information

As of February 1st, 2024, the number of Brave group employees will be 277 (318.4% compared to last year), and the number of group companies will be 16. Along the organization’s expansion and diversification of businesses and services, Brave group continues to actively recruit for the same purposes.
Please feel free to check the job listing page below including different job categories.

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