Brave group’s first men’s VTuber group “YUMENOS” is set to debut in April 2024!

Developed a new world view of "Mens VTuber x Original Story" and started distributing manga related contents mainly on X.

Brave group, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the “YUMENOS” project, the first men’s VTuber group in the Brave group.

The debut is scheduled for mid-April 2024, and a new world view will be developed based on the concept of “Men’s VTuber x Original Story (manga)”. Prior to their debut, YUMENOS will start streaming manga-related content, mainly on X.


The four members, Tsumugu Nawa, Sol Shirahase, Jin Togami, and Yura Ayami, will start their activities as members of a brand new men’s VTuber group “YUMENOS”.

Key visual: ひなつ (

Tsumugu Nawa Profile

Name: Tsumugu Nawa
Birthday: August 11th
Height: 174cm

VTuber Profile:
Tsumugu is a music lover and a challenger who dreams of one day performing on the big stage.
He thinks he is a perfectionist, but he often makes small mistakes.
In fact, he is a timid person, but he hates to lose.

Character Design: 未知欠 (


Sol Shirahase Profile

Name: Sol Shirahase
Birthday: November 22nd
Height: 170cm

VTuber Profile:
Sol loves singing, dancing, cats and beauty.
He looks cool, but he is actually very curious and friendly.
When he is with the other members, he is like a younger brother who is the most excited than anyone else.
With his neutral voice and appearance, he is sometimes mistaken for a woman!

Character Design: 雨壱絵穹 (


Jin Togami Profile

Name: Jin Togami
Birthday: September 15th
Height: 184cm

VTuber Profile:
Jin is an adult male who likes to play games while talking.
He always has a smile on his face, and usually gets by with things saying, “It’s alright”.
He appears to be mild-mannered, but in fact, he hates losing.

Character Design: 結 (


Yura Ayami Profile

Name: Yura Ayami
Birthday: October 11th
Height: 180cm

Vtuber Profile:
Yura is a broke son of a distinguished family who dreams to become independent some day.
He is passionate about singing and gaming.
He is a serious person at heart, but he is also quite a good-natured person.

Character Design: 犬月煙 (


Future Media Developments

Prior to the debut of the VTubers in mid-April 2024, the YUMENOS members will be showcasing the worldview of YUMENOS from multiple angles by streaming stories from another world line in manga form on X and voice comics voiced by the members themselves in video form on TikTok.

About the Original Story Manga
YUMENOS will be serializing manga on the official X account.
Manga can be read in one place from the highlight function of X.

Production: YUMENOS productions
Manga written by ツクルノ女渦 (

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Official X:
Official Youtube:
Official TikTok:

About YUMENOS Project

Chasing Beyond Dreams…

Toward a bigger dream,
We move forward, fulfilling our small dreams one by one.


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